Among Us Keep Crashing and Freezing on PC


can i run itAmong Us is a multiplayer online game. It is very popular in people. Also it is not specific to any one platform, rather it is available on many platforms. Players of Among Us often complain that, whenever we launch it or try to play it on PC, It starts Freezes and Crashes. Crashes and Freezes are the things that spoil the fun of your entire online game and you feel so bad. Old and bad drivers of your PC are a cause of Crashes and Freezes. Crashes and Freezes can be many reasons. Here are some simple and quick ways to get rid of Crashes and Freezes on PC. If you like to fix FIFA 21 Crashes at Launch.

Among Us Keep Crashing and Freezing on PC

Fix Among Us’s Crashes and Freezes on PC:

  1. To eliminate the Crashes and Freezes of Among Us, set it to Compatible Mode. This method will improve your game.
  2. Turn off the Max FPS Limit option in Among Us.
  3. If you turn off the antivirus or firewall in your PC, you can get rid off Crashes and Freezes.
  4. Run your game as an administrator. In the properties of your PC you will find the option of Run This Program As Administrator.
  5. Outdated OS is also the cause of the Crashes. You may need to update your OS.
  6. It is also possible that the version of the game you are running is outdated and the game needs a latest version.
  7. You may need to Verify Integrity of Steam game files to Fix these Crashes and Freezes of Among Us.


In Among Us, these Crashes and Freezes are very common which makes people very uncomfortable. People who are not very good at computers, such problems bother them a little too much. if you are one of them, through these simple and solutions, you can fix the Among Us Crashes and Freezes on PC.

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