Civilization V Won’t Launch/Crashes on Startup

Civilization V Won’t Launch

canirunit – This is a game in which the player explores a particular civilization under a map, from the past to the future. This game is very different from other games. This game was released in September 2010 ion Microsoft Window. After this, it was released on OS X in November 23, 2010 and then on Linux in June 10, 2014. This is the fifth edition in the Civilization series. It is a game in which each player represents himself as the leader of a nation. Civilization V is a very good game. But like every game, it has some problems. One of its problems is the Won’t Launch on Startup. Here are some simple and easy ways to solve this problem.

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Civilization V Won't Launch/Crashes

Civilization V Won’t Launch/Crashes on Startup:

  1. First, you need to install DirectX 12. If you do not have the correct version of the DirectX, it may cause a Crash in your Civilization V at Launch.
  2. Always keep your Steam client up to date. It takes care of updates to your computer and update them automatically.
  3. Play your game in Offline Mode. Offline Mode keeps your Civilization V safe from Crashes.
  4. Always make sure that no extra files run in the background of your computer. That way, your game won’t crash at launch.
  5. If your game Won’t launch or Crashes at startup, the simplest solution is that, run your game in Windows Mode and disable anti-aliasing. This way, your game will run in your PC without any problems.
  6. You have to run you game in Compatibility Mode.
  7. If your Graphics Card Drivers are outdated or have a defect in them, you will not be able to launch Civilization V in your PC.
  8. Scan your computer. This way you will know the problem and you will be able to solve it easily.

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