DirectX 11 Issues in FIFA 21

DirectX 11 Issues in FIFA 21 By canirunit

This problem is related to online apps. In particular, this problem occurs in online games. When players try to play the game, this problem often occurs at that time. DirectX combines the game with hardware directly. This is a software protocol in Windows. Of course FIFA 21 is a very good game but it also has a lot of problems. DirectX issues can be corrupted files on your computer. Your computer will not play your game if you do not have installed the correct version of the DirectX.

DirectX 11 Issues in FIFA 21

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Causes of DirectX 11 Issues in FIFA 21:

  • The most common reason is that your GPU drive is outdated.
  • When you update your system, FIFA 21’s files get corrupted like other games.
  • You may be using the wrong version of DirectX. Which is not compatible with your computer.
  • Slow internet can be a cause of problems.
  • Outdated Windows, may cause of DirectX 11 issues.

Fix FIFA 21 DirectX 11:

  • First you need to update your game. If you are having a lot of problems playing the game, you need to update your game.
  • You may also need to update GPU drivers. By the way, it updates automatically, but you should still keep checking.
  • If you are experiencing this problem too much, delete the GPU and download it again.
  • If in any case it does not solve it, you can download DirectX 12.
  • Many times game files are damaged which causes problems. Try Repair Games Files option.
  • Reinstall the game and then download it again.


In this article, you can know about DirectX 11 and its issue in FIFA 21. If in your computer, you have DirectX 11, it could be a problem for FIFA 21. Well, there are ways to solve it, but if you can’t solve these problems, try the DirectX 12 version.

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