FIFA 21 Crashes at Launch

FIFA 21 Doesn’t Launch on PC Fix

Damaged games files can be the biggest cause of game Crashes. When there are too many bugs in the game, they cause a Game Crashes. So, canirunit now can fix it. There are many other reasons for the FIFA Crashes like, the cause of FIFA Crashes may be old drivers. These game Crashes are very uncomfortable during the online game. It often happens that the problem is not in your device, but somewhere within the game. So always check your game. And keep an eye on that things which cause your FIFA 21 Crashes.

FIFA 21 Crashes at Launch

You can also fix FIFA 21 Doesn’t Launch on PC

Reasons of FIFA 21 Crashes at Launch:

  1. It often happens that the hardware does not support the game.
  2. Spontaneous bugs are a bad reason.
  3. FIFA 21 has the option to update automatically, but if you deliberately turn off this option, the game will not be updated. And that’s the reason for game Crashes.
  4. If the game files are corrupted, they cause Crashes in FIFA 21.
  5. GPU drivers need to be updated.

Solutions of FIFA 21 Crashes at Launch:

  1. Always keep your software update.
  2. Many other programs can interfere with your game. So, turn off your third party programs.
  3. Always keep your background programs closed. Because these are files that are not used, but take a lot of space.
  4. There may be a problem with your game. Delete your game and then reinstall.
  5. Your game may not be up to date. So keep your game updated.
  6. The computer contains many files that are corrupted. If your game is fully updated, but is still face Crashes, you may need to check for corrupted files and need to delete them.


There are many reasons for the Crashes in FIFA 21. In this article, I explain the causes and solution off FIFA 21 Crashes. Hopefully with the help of this article you can solve the problem of FIFA 21 Crashes.

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