How to Change Steam’s Profile Background


If you want to Change the Steam Background, you have to get it. Can i run it give you all info. Profile Backgrounds are inventory items. You can buy Seam Background Profiles from the Steam Market. You get a trading card after playing half the game. In addition, you must have a badge of the trading set. When you get the badge, you can pick Background which you want. Then the option to Change the Background appears at the bottom of your profile. Often people get bored with the same things, So, people get tired of the same Background. That’s why people want to Change the Background.

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How to Change Steam’s Profile Background

Change Steam’s Profile Background:

  • First, you have to buy the Background from Steam’s Market
  • You can get Background by trading
  • When you have purchased Background, then click on your name in the toolbar options at the top.
  • Then take the profile of your choice from the menu
  • Once you have selected the profile of your choice, then go to Edit Profile
  • Then press the Profile Background on the left hand
  • And there you go. Your Background has Changed

Customize Profile Background:

Gamers loves to Change the Background. Customization is very important in the gaming process. But if you don’t buy a Profile, you can’t Change the Profile. Many antivirus software say that a Steam Customizer is not secure. But this is a wrong.

Install a Steam Skin:

You can Change menu, fonts, and colors schemes by Steam Skin. You can download your favorite skin.

How to Download Steam Skins?

  • You have to find the Steam Install Directory and correct folder
  • Then navigate to Settings and select your favorite Skin
  • Refresh the Folder and Launch Steam
  • open Settings
  • Select the Skin which you want
  • Your Skin is installed

Five Best Steam Skins:

  • Metro Steam Skin
  • Blue Pulse Steam Skin
  • Plexed Steam Skin
  • Air Steam Skin
  • Pressure 2 Steam Skin

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