How to Fix FIFA 21 Black Screen Issue

Introduction: – This is a common problem with FIFA 21 players. FIFA 21 players often complain that whenever they launch FIFA 21 on their computer, the computer Screen gets completely Black and there is nothing happens. This is actually due to the bugs that are in this game. FIFA 21 is a great game if bugs are removed from it. If your Screen goes Black, there can be many reasons. In FIFA 21, this problem happens to almost everyone. When the Screen goes Black, you don’t see any instructions and there is nothing you can do to solve this problem.

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How to Fix FIFA 21 Black Screen Issue

Why FIFA 21 Black Screen?

  1. Old drivers can Black your Screen at launch. Because if the drivers are outdated, they cause a lot of problems.
  2. If your computer can’t handle FIFA 21, it could be a reason of Black Screen.
  3. Bad internet is one of the reasons.
  4. Quite often you don’t set the game properly. Which causes Black Screen.

Fix FIFA 21 Black Screen Issue:

  1. First, update your window. Because when we don’t update the window for a long time, it causes a lot of problems. Black Screen is one of them.
  2. Drivers are the ones who handle our entire computer. So when the drivers are not updated, your game will not launch properly. So, update your drivers.
  3. Check to see if the capacity of your computer is more than the capacity of the game. For this, check FIFA 21’s System Requirements and Computer’s System Requirements.
  4. Many games are not improved after launch. Therefore, always keep an eye on the Electronic Arts forums to see latest FIFA 21 patch notes.
  5. Check your internet connection. May be you need a better internet connection.

Many games, once launched, do not fix bugs. You have to do something yourself. The reason for the Black Screen is also these bugs.

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