How to Fix FIFA 21 Controller Issue on PC

How to Fix FIFA 21 Controller by canirunit

With the launch of FIFA 21, there are many players who want to play the game with the controller. But they say that when we try to play FIFA 21 with the Controller on the PC, the controller doesn’t work. Also, the problem is that in most of the game mode, controller doesn’t work. This problem has been noticed many times that the Controller in PC works very well for single player, but when the player tries to play as a team, it does not work. Here are some ways you can solve the problem of the Controller Issue on PC.

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How to Fix FIFA 21 Controller Issue on PC

Fix FIFA 21 Controller Issue on PC:

  1. If the FIFA 21 Controller does not work in your PC, then first of all you have to Update your Drivers. Go to your device manufacturer’s website and download the Latest Drivers.
  2. Always use the latest version of the controller emulator. You will find many controller emulators on Xbox and PS4. Whichever of these emulators you use, it should be the latest version.
  3. Install the Default Driver. Disconnect your controller from the PC and turn off your PC. Then connect your controller to the off computer again and restart your PC.
  4. Your controller should be correctly engaged with the PC’s control panel. If we do not connect our controller to the PC properly, the controller will not work.
  5. Check FIFA 21’s controller settings. Most of the time the problem is not in the PC, but in the controller settings of the game. May be, you have set the playing method in your FIFA 21 settings as keyboard and mouse instead of your controller.


In FIFA 2 you can play your game with the controller. But it is often the case that the controller does not work for FIFA 21 On PC. With this article, you can solve the FIFA 21 Controller Issue in PC.

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