How to Fix FIFA 21 in Game Stuttering and Freezes

FIFA 21 in Game Stuttering/Freezes Fixed by canirunit

Stuttering and Freezes are that problem in which the game gets stuck while playing the game. Suddenly the image freezes. The sound of the game is cut off again and again. When this problem occurs, you do not hear the other player’s voice properly. This is a very common problem. Even, if you have a very good computer with excellent graphics, you may still have this problem. Often these problems are caused by faulty hardware and software. FIFA 21 is an online football game. So, when you play FIFA 21, and the computer freeze you can get out of the game. May you like to learn Dragon Age Inquisition Crashes on Launch.

How to Fix FIFA 21 in Game Stuttering

Causes of Stuttering and Freezes:

  • First of all, check your drivers to see if they are outdated or damaged
  • There may be a memory problem. Because when the game doesn’t get as much space as it needs, the Stuttering starts.
  • The operating system can also be a reason.
  • There are some files in the computer that are not used but take too much space.
  • Faulty hardware or software can also be a cause of Stuttering.

Fix FIFA 21 in Game Stuttering and Freezes:

  • An old driver can be a reason to freezes your game. This can badly affect your performance in the game. So, update your driver first.
  • Antivirus on your computer, starts scanning immediately when you start a game. During scanning, many functions are started simultaneously. Which affects the speed of the game. So, as soon as possible, turn off your antivirus temporarily.
  • FIFA 21 is a game of large scale. So make sure your computer can handle this game. Check your computer’s system requirement.
  • Turn off radeon software features. This method can save you a lot of freezes.
  • Check your internet connection. May be you need a strong internet connection.


FIFA 21 is a game that you have to take care of everything you play. Your focus should be on the game. You have to focus on the screen. If you do not, you will lose the game. Therefore, Stuttering and freezes can ruin all your fun. These methods can help you.

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