How to Fix Lag Spikes in COD

Lag Spikes in COD Fixed By canirunit

There can be many reasons for the occurrence of Lag Spikes. Lag Spikes is actually a form of bad internet. You need a strong internet connection during online games. Lag Spikes can cause your game to over in a minute. While there are countless advantages to wireless internet, there are also some disadvantages. The Lag Spikes are one of them. Lags Spikes can ruin your online gaming experience in particular. Lag Spikes are problems that arise again and again. When you think you have get rid of it, they come back. You can also learn How to Optimize Your Router for Gaming. There are some ways to Fix Lag Spikes in COD.

How to Fix Lag Spikes in COD

How to Get Rid Of Lag Spikes?

  • If you are experiencing Lag Spikes, check your security software first
  • Make sure your COD is up to date.
  • Clear your cache data
  • You can try VPN to get rid of Lag Spikes
  • Use Kill Ping
  • Game Fire can help you to Fix Lag Spikes

How to Increase Internet Speed for Gaming:

  • Most of the time we have some apps in our device that slow down the internet speed. Delete these apps first.
  • Keep your computer close to the Router
  • Connect the Router with the Ethernet Cable
  • If you want to improve your internet connection, try refreshing the Router
  • You may need a Router. The old Router is the cause of the slow internet


The better your internet speed, the better your games will run. There are many games that take up very little data. If the internet speed is very low then those games also run very hard. Delete files and apps that are no longer in use. When your Router needs to be updated, Lag Spikes can occur. After some time, keep cleaning up your cache data. All of these things will help you to Fix the Lag Spikes

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