How to Fix PUBG Keeps Crashing in Game

How to Fix PUBG Keeps Crashing

Canirunit – Today, PUBG is one of the most played games in the world. The number of people who play it is in the millions. Of course, PUBG is a great game. But its players often complain that PUBG Crashes while playing the Game. People like this game because it is a multiplayer online game. Which you can play with your friends and even with strangers. There is no doubt that there are many good changes in this game over time and it’s better than before. But as it gets better, there are some error and bugs happened. Too many things in a PUBG can cause Crashes. Through these some simple steps you can get rid off these Crashes in PUBG.

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How to Fix PUBG Keeps Crashing in Game

Causes of PUBG Keeps Crashing in Game:

  1. Crashes also happen because you are using the wrong or outdated drivers.
  2. PUBG’s high graphic settings put a lot of burden on your computer. This stops your hardware from working easily and causes Game Crashes.
  3. If you increase the frequency of your clock for make your performance better, it can become a cause of Crashes in your Game.
  4. If you do not install the patch released by the PUBG developer, it may be cause of the Crashes in the PUBG.
  5. If you do not update your Window at time, it can also cause game crashes.

Fix PUBG Keeps Crashing in Game:

  1. Update your drivers first. You can also use third party solutions to update your drivers for automatically update your drivers
  2. Turn off Overclocking in your game. This Overclocking affect on the stability of your game.
  3. If you haven’t updated your Window, you need to update the Window.
  4. In PUBG, Visual C++ Redistributables can be a problem. Update or reinstall them to fix this problem.
  5. Try disabling antivirus software. Because this antivirus software blocks a lot of things that cause Game Crashes.

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