How to Get a Free Minecraft Account

How to Get a Free Minecraft Account

So, today canirunit will tell you How to Get a Free Minecraft Account. Minecraft’s free account is available for people who can’t afford to pay. Or this facility is given to children. There are options to get a free Minecraft account but you have to work for it. Once you log in to this game, you can enjoy it well and you know very well about this game. Minecraft is popular with children and adults alike. This is one of the most played games in the world. The next step in Minecraft Account is Mojang Account. Once you have created a Minecraft Account, you can easily switch to a Mojang Account. May you like DirectX 11 Issues in FIFA 21.

How to Get a Free Minecraft Account

Get a Free Account in Minecraft:

  • First, go to Minecraft’s official website.
  • You need to Log In. The login option will be in the upper right corner.
  • After that Log in, you will see Register One Here link.
  • You need to enter the information of your Mojang Account.
  • then you will see Create Account.
  • after Create Account, you need to Verify Your Identity.
  • Mojang studio send you a Code.
  • Enter the code that Mojang Studio send you for Verify your Account.
  • Now click on Verify option.

If you enter your email account when creating a Minecraft account, So your Mojang account is created at that time and you don’t need to migrate. You can create a Minecraft account for free, but before that you have to buy a game from its official website.


You can only make Minecraft account for free when you have already purchased the game. Minecraft enhances your mental abilities and teaches you to make decisions. It develops creativity in children. Once you’ve created a Mojang Account, you can change your username whenever you want. You can keep a password of your choice. But passwords should always be very difficult. I hope you find this article helpful.

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