Sims 4 Not Working/ Responding on Window 10

Sims 4 Not Working Fix – Often a game does not work on your computer because your computer contains corrupt files. Such problems often occur with Sims 4 users. It bothers a lot that you buy a game and it doesn’t work. Many users complain that when we play this game in Windows 10, it starts playing. But then it is suddenly stops giving response. If you delete your game and want to re-download it, it will remove the families in your game. Here are some ways that helps you in the matter of Sims 4 Not Responding in Window 10.

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Sims 4 Not Working/ Responding on Window 10

Reasons of Sims 4 Not Responding on Window 10:

  1. If you have Cache Files on your computer, it may cause of Sims 4 Not Responding.
  2. There are a lot of Corrupt Save Files that stop the game to Works or Response.
  3. There may be a problem with your Graphics Card Driver. Older drivers cause many problems.
  4. Sims 4 may not work in your origin.
  5. Programs that are run in Background, take a lot of data. It can be a reason for the game not responding.

Solutions of Sims 4 Not Working/ Responding on Window 10:

  1. An old card driver, may be the reason for not opening the game. Therefore, Update your Video Card Driver first.
  2. There may be an error in the Network Controller Driver. So, Update it.
  3. If you have a problem with launching Sims 4 in your Window 10, try to Reset the game. But if you want to reset your already running game, turn on your back up option first. Otherwise, you lost families in game.
  4. Try launching your game in Compatibility Mode.
  5. Delete Cache and files that are never used in your device.
  6. Create a New Mode Folder for your Sims 4.

These are some ways which helps you. So, that you can easily run Sims 4 in your Window 10.

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